Welcome to PSN Lifesciences International!

PSN Lifesciences International FZ-LLC is a state-of-the-art biotech organization established in Laboratory complex, Dubai Science Park, under Dubai Creative Cluster Authority, Government of Dubai which caters to local and international clients in the food and environmental industry. It provides internationally recognized laboratory and consultancy services which meet customer's needs and requirements in terms of quality research that is of cost effective, reliable and accurate.


Support and Service

We also provide customers with an in-depth consultancy service.PSN Lifesciences International also organizes lectures, workshops and seminars.

Screening and Testing

Environmental/industrial/food, samples, Water, soil mineral bed, sediments, Marine water quality analysis, Irrigation water analysis, Waste water/effluents quality analysis.

Research and Development

It includes investigation, testing and experimentation of scientific data/samples and providing services related to the logistics of conducting research.

Marketing and Sales Promotion

Marketing related to Research and Development and analytical testing services to target markets.

Services Offers to

Food & beverage Industries, Pharmaceutical industries, Chemical industries, Retailers, Trading companies, Import/Ex-port agencies,Government agencies, Agriculture industries, Distilleries.

Who We Are

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About Our Life Sciences Services


Rendering various services to different clients in one platform, PSN Lifesciences International Analytical testing laboratory ensures the most accurate results in biotech analytical tests. Our in-house team of highly qualified scientists and consultants also enable us to achieve the highest standards of research in Quality, Environment, Health and Safety. Also we are firmly committed to the pathway of developing the laboratory into a QHSE complying laboratory in accordance to ISO 17025.


Our motto is 'Bringing science and Innovation to Life' which means we always strive to achieve the highest standards of biotech laboratory operations, quality assurance and control in all aspects of our research and development.
June 23, 2016

PSN Lifesciences International launches first start-up lab of its kind in DUBAI SCIENCE PARK

DUBAI// Sophisticated food, safety and food, environmental tests could soon be performed in Dubai with the opening of a new laboratory PSN Lifesciences International (PSNL) is […]
June 23, 2016

Lab set to begin vital tests in UAE

DUBAI// Sophisticated food, safety and food, environmental tests could soon be performed in Dubai with the opening of a new laboratory Services will include testing for […]