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PSN Lifesciences International FZ-LLC is a state-of-the-art biotech organization established in Laboratory complex, Dubai Science Park, under Dubai Creative Cluster Authority, Government of Dubai which caters to local and international clients in the food, environmental industry. It provides internationally recognized laboratory and consultancy services which meet customer's needs and requirements in terms of quality research that is of cost effective, reliable and accurate.


As one of the leading laboratories in the market we are renowned for our quality monitoring and testing of food, environmental,chemical, agricultural, pharmaceutical,cosmetics and food, products including marine and biodiversity monitoring study.

We are equipped with the latest high technology instruments such as Skalar Segmented Flow Analyzer, Shimadzu HPLC, GCMS, UV-VIS Spectrophotometer & TOC, PerkinElmer ICP-OES 8000 to name a few.

Rendering various services to different clients in one platform, PSN Lifesciences International Analytical testing laboratory ensures the most accurate results in biotech analytical tests. Our in-house team of highly qualified scientists and consultants also enable us to achieve the highest standards of research in Quality, Environment, Health and Safety. Also we are firmly committed to the pathway of developing the laboratory into a QHSE complying laboratory in accordance to ISO 17025 and we have already certified with ISO17025 DAC accreditation a ILAC body.

Mandate and Vision

PSN Life sciences international FFZ-LLC was established with the basic objective to provide reliable, timely, accurate, cost effective and quality laboratory services that meet customer’s satisfaction. The mandate and vision for the biotech organization was quite clear and straight forward: “Laboratory should operate as providing quality results with affordable cost to draw attention of common people info healthy life”. This mandate was basically meant for ensuring the truly independent and completely unblased quality research outputs dedicated to all concerned but mainly to the food, and environment sectors.

The plan for a model food, chemical, food, environmental and Biotech products analytical testing laboratory is established at DUBAI SCIENCE PARK with a aim to cater the needs of quality monitoring of food, beverages & meat products (nutritional and chemical analysis, minerals, additives, volatile and semi volatile compounds, stability tests, adulteration, trace level analysis of chemicals, preservatives and microbiological contaminants) food, safety analysis as well as agricultural produce (GMO, hybrids ets.) and various environments samples (Drinking water, sewage water, marine water, Cosmetics, Healthy Supplements, Detergents, Personal Care products, Disinfectants ets.) The laboratory design and plan has been formulated keeping in view requirements of domestic and international clients.

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Our motto is 'Bringing science and Innovation to Life'
which means we always strive to achieve the highest standards
of biotech laboratory operations,
quality assurance and control in
all aspects of our research and development.

PSNL LifeScience

Consultancy Services services on monitoring

PSN Lifesciences provide consultancy services on monitoring and assessment of biodiversity, coastal and marine monitoring and rehabilitation including seagrass and mangrove plantation. We also provide customers with an in-depth consultancy service where we offer advice and assistance in setting up a biotech / chemical / food, environmental / food, testing laboratory as per the UAE laws. From application to technical guidance to food, environmental and safety approvals, PSNL offers a complete package to help you start up a laboratory facility.

PSN Lifesciences International

PSN Lifesciences International also organizes lectures, training,workshops and seminars related to research and development on various food, environmental, biotech, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics analytical tests. The analytical laboratory is involved in this program as it researches the techniques for GMO products and their evaluation and screening..