The management and technical team of PSNL is responsible for the day to day running of the laboratory activities, implementation of policies and priorities, its strategic growth and implementation of the decisions taken by the Board of Directors. It monitors the execution and performance of food, environmental monitoring and biodiversity related projects, infrastructure development for new laboratories, Agro Horticultural management and Marine Biodiversity.

Brief Bios of the key executives are presented hereunder.




Prior to founding PSN Lifesciences International Group, Dr. Upadhyay held the role of Managing Director and consultant in a number of Agro Horticulture, Westland development,Genetic Biotechnology and Marine related enterprises in India, USA, Russia,SriLanka, Singapore, Holland and the UAE, of which he was the founder and partner. He’s been actively involved in Marine Food, Environmental Monitoring, Genetic Biotechnology of Floral wealth, Diagnostics and Analysis, Laboratory design & set up and Consultancy in various Agro Biotechnology since the early 1990s. His research and development career spans more than 35 years.



Prior to founding PSN International Group, Mrs. Upadhyay held role of Managing Director in PRAJNA BIOTECH LIMITED, an organization responsible for developing Agro farms at various locations in India. She has been a constant inspiration and contributor to the establishment of PSN group in UAE, of which she was the founder and partner.

She has been actively involved in various International Business Development, Finance and Management activities of the very PSNL team since its inception. Her liaising and management career spans more than 25 years.




Prior to joining the PSN group, Mr. Upadhyay worked in various capacities as a research scholar in various Floristic analysis, genetic screening, and food, environmental assessment, chemical and pharmaceutical analysis of floral wealth.

He has been engaged in doing activities of wasteland development/agricultural biotechnology/food, environmental segments since last 8 to 10 years in India and UAE. He is currently in charge of analytical laboratory at PSN Lifesciences International and looking after quality control department and managing day to day operation of chemical and microbiological sample analysis and equipment calibration division. He has in depth knowledge of analytical field of chemistry, microbiology and monitoring of data interpretation in projects.

Beside above, we have well trained technical experts and marketing team in various positions like SALES &BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER, DEPUTY LAB MANAGER, TECHNICAL MANAGER, DEPUTY TECHNICAL MANAGER and TECHNICAL ASSISTANT to assist various projects and plans. We are also having very strong international network connections in food, environmental, biodiversity as well as analytical testing filed of sample identification ranging from water, soil, plant tissue, microbiological, ballast water, phytoplankton, zooplanktons, Benthos organism etc with Singapore, USA, Germany and Australia.