International Partners

bbeMoldaenkeGmbH, Germany


For more than 20 years now,bbeMoldaenke GmbH has been one of the leading manufacturers of top-quality products in food, environmental technology. They develop and produce measuring instruments and software to assess and manage water quality. Their instruments are made for use in oceanography, limnology, drinking water monitoring, river dam monitoring, bathing water analysis, supervision of aqua culture systems and food, environmental assessment.



As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of smart sampling equipment Hydro-Bios, Germany offers solutions for all oceanographic and limnic environments. Whether the task is to sample water, plankton or sediments you can get a large variety of instruments. One of their specialties are plankton nets, from small and simple to the well- established, unique Multi Plankton Sampler MultiNet. PSNL has worked together with Hydro-Bios in many extensive projects for the local government including marine automation projects.

Mycometer, Denmark


Mycometerdevelops flexible and versatile methods of documentation and delineation of microbial contamination in buildings and Water systems. Their technology is the Swiss knife of rapid microbiology allowing reliable quantification of microbes in almost all environments.

DR. Brill + DR. Steinmann Institute, Germany


As one of the few laboratories in Europe and our international subcontracting testing lab, it offers high quality testing services for microbiological analysis of bacteria, yeast, Viruses, Fungi etc, in various matrixes like food, water, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products as well as human and veterinary hygiene.



Best Standards is a global engineering and technologies company focused on electronics, IT, finance, construction, marine, quality training, instrumentation and rental services.